Anthony Simon

General Chairman


Vincent Tessitore

Vice General Chairman


Michael Denn



Local Chairman

Dominick Amendolare

Joseph Castaldo

Michael Denn

Jeff Finn

Jay Langlan

Anthony Lavoratore

Paul Santoro

Chris Smith

Vincent Tessitore


Regarding the International dues increase.

SMART is now offering Long Term

Disability Insurance to rail service members.

For more information on enrollment visit the

Smart website.

The confidential Close Call

Reporting System (C3RS) 

is a partnership between

NASA , the FRA, Participating railroads

and labor organizations.  It is designed to

improve railroad safety by collecting and

studying reports detailing unsafe

conditions and events in the railroad industry.

Employees will be able to report

safety issues or “close calls” voluntarily

and confidentially.



“What makes a union

strong is the resolve

of it’s membership”-

Anthony Simon